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Sales Team

Our Customer Business Managers serve as the driving sales force throughout the Southern California Market.

We build lasting Buyer and Vendor relationships through constant communication and accountability.

Our CBMs execute new item presentations, discuss item performance, and prevent product discontinuations.

Promotional Planning

At Elevate we create promotional systems that our dispensaries use to strategize future promotional activity.

With the use of allowances we are able to offer dispensaries better rates and drive incremental dollar sales.

Our CBM's review promotional calendars with dispensary buyers, confirm suggested retail pricing and schedule inventory restocks. 


We want to ensure that our clients products are available, visible and competitive.

Bottom Line

Elevate is designed to drive sales.

Our trained sales force is armed with the required resources to increase distribution, drive consumption and establish brand loyalty.

With Elevate, our clients efficiently reach more dispensaries in the most cost effective and timely manner.  

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