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Pricing is one of the most influential factors in making a purchase decision.

Our experienced Retail Reps conduct dispensary audits revolving around pricing, placement, and inventory.


Elevate Pricing Surveys assist in identifying our Client's stance in the marketplace and correct any mispriced items


The reality today is that 70% of consumer purchase decisions are still made at “The Shelf” (Nielsen Data)


Our Retail Reps work closely with Dispensary Staff to secure and maintain the most optimal in-store shelf space for our Clients.

We want to ensure that our clients products are available, visible and competitive.


We want to make sure our Client's core items are never out

of stock.

Our Retail Reps are there to help replenish shelves and make assortment recommendations.


Each Rep is equipped with our Client's Promotional Calendars and are able to influence reorders in time for promotions.


Client's are able to request specific dispensary visits and include detailed business directions to be executed by our Elevate Retail Reps.

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