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Partnerships with third party data companies give us access to cannabis industry data and insights.

We are then able to use this data to identify opportunities that drive sales, increase profitability, and build consumer loyalty. 

We gather consumer data through in-store consumer engagement platforms. Their customer loyalty programs allow us to identify promotional effectiveness and better understand customer habits. 

Data is the most valuable tool to help drive sales, increase distribution and prevent discontinuations.

Product analysis

Our Post Promotional Analyses (PPA’s) assist in identifying the effectiveness of past promotions. The goal is to strategize for future promotions and continuously outperform prior sales numbers.

Assortment Analyses detect opportunities within specific regions and allow our CBMS to make fact based product suggestions leading to higher category performance.

Volume Reports analyze current and prior year sales data in order to track performance, identify trends, and assist in forecasting.

Market Trends

Understanding the direction of the California Cannabis Market is essential to the success of our clients.

At Elevate, we analyze sales performance by region and create Consumer Market Reports for our clients.


Through this fact-based data, we are able to leverage our share of the market and support our item

recommendations to buyers

Anticipating where the market is headed gives Elevate Clients the upper hand over the competition  

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